Take the Stress out
of College Admission
Join the Road to College Masterclass

Comprehensive professional guidance from August to April to navigate the entire process from beginning to end. Get support to:
  • Establish a financial plan
  • Create a customized list
  • Master the essays
  • ​Submit applications
  • ​Select the right school...and so much more!
Meet Every Deadline
Avoid the Anxiety & Stress
Master your applications

“Vickie is a wealth of information …I couldn’t have done it without her”

 Makenzie P.

Eliminate Admissions Anxiety
As if senior year of high school isn’t busy enough, the college admissions process adds one more thing on your list… and most families don’t even know where to start.

Stressed? Anxious? Feeling overwhelmed yet? 

Join the Strategy to Launch Masterclass and get professional guidance through the entire college admissions process over nine months. Your whole family will feel confident with a trusted advisor leading every step of the way!
Imagine family harmony as you walk through the college admissions process 
Get the step-by-step professional guidance you want
In the Masterclass, you will learn to:
  • Apply only to the best colleges for you
  • ​Manage all phases of the process with ease
  • Plan well so you have everything you need at the right time
  • ​Meet deadlines without undue stress or late nights 
  • Transition to college with confidence
  • ​Enjoy family harmony throughout the process so you can treasure this special time
Don’t Do College Admissions Alone 
Join a small group cohort and get professional guidance every step of the way
It just shouldn’t be so hard. Families come to me each college admissions season in their distress. I put their minds at ease and want to do the same for your family. With the Road to College Masterclass, we can do this together!

For nearly two decades, I’ve been coaching families successfully through the process. I make each step clear and manageable so the process is smooth and stress-free. Now I’m making this expertise available through a high-value Masterclass so you can get ongoing support every step of the way.

When the admissions process is clear, families treasure their time together on the poignant journey to college.
Your Successful
College Admissions Starts Here...
Step 1.
Receive peace of mind as you understand the big picture and develop your application strategy.
Step 2.
Implement your application strategy and never miss a deadline
Step 3.
Raise a glass on College Decision Day in honor of your student’s university selection… the stress is over!
Wise parents know: get the help you need for the success you want.
“More than 26% of families engage a professional college advisor to help their student with college admissions.”
What Makes the Masterclass Different?
 At Strategy to Launch, I know that you want to be a supportive parent for your high schooler as they transition to college. In order to do that, you need to guide your student through the college admissions process.

The problem is the process is confusing and it’s hard to know where to start, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unclear about the best way to provide guidance. Plus so much has changed this year -- you’re fearful that missteps in the process could mean college disaster.

It shouldn’t be so hard to help your student on their road to college. 
I understand how much you want to help and how confusing the process is. As a college admissions coach, I’ve helped hundreds of parents and students get the clarity they needed to take the right steps for successful college admissions.

That’s why I’m offering a one-of-a-kind program, the Road to College Masterclass. In this small-group coaching cohort, you’ll get professional guidance through the entire college admissions process over nine months -- from August through April. Your whole family will feel confident with a trusted advisor leading every step of the way!

Imagine having all the critical knowledge you need to guide your student through applications, essays, deadlines, interviews, and finally to acceptance. You can trade the high stress of college admissions for family peace and harmony when you have an expert leading the way.

 In this comprehensive guided program, you’ll learn to:

– Establish a financial plan
– Create a customized list
– Master the essays
– Submit applications
– Select the right school...and so much more!

Plus you’ll participate in the exclusive College Strategy Workshop where you’ll develop the ultimate framework for your student’s personalized roadmap to college.  

Join the Road to College Masterclass today. But don’t delay – space is limited for this seasonal offer.

You don’t have to be in the dark about college admissions. Get clear and confident with professional guidance every step of the way! Join the Masterclass for your student’s college admission success. 
Your complete guided journey through the college admissions process
  • Nine-month guided masterclass live training and coaching
  • ​Comprehensive Video Training and Support
  • ​EXCLUSIVE Launch Strategy Workshop
  • Two College Essay Booster Coaching Sessions
  • ​Two Parent Q&A Sessions
  • ​Recordings of Masterclass Sessions

BONUS: College Connections Resource List

BONUS: Exclusive Training - Financial Secrets: Real Strategies to Reduce Your College Costs 


You can get guidance from your high school counselor -- if they are available and have time for you. Or you can hire a private consultant for $10,000 and up.

Instead, you can get all the expert guidance you need in a small group cohort for an incredible value!


FIVE consecutive monthly payments 


One time payment

ONE payment in full


100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a no questions asked 30-day refund period for all of our programs – guaranteed!
Deadlines are REAL deadlines in the college admissions process.
Are you on track? Do you have a plan? Will you make it on time? You can make life easy. Confidently navigate the entire college admissions process with expert guidance every step of the way. 
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